CTO as a Service

Is an on-demand service that adapts to the size of your needs.

All companies needs a tech leader. But do they really need a full-time internal one? Our CTO as a service offering helps to face the technical issues without the need to create a new role within an organization.

CTO as a Service is a cost-effective alternative to recruiting a permanent Chief Technology Officer specialized in development technological projects.

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This is good for:


Starting a technology project with the wrong choices can have a huge impact on the future of the project.

Don’t take that risk, if you need strategic vision, guidance and executive planning in the technology area we can help.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

The difficulty to get specialised people in technology leads “companies to go to a car race without a professional driver”.

With our help, you can “drive”, providing you, clarity on decision making in tech projects, and strategic vision, increasing productivity, gains in operational scale and growth.


Create Digital Products & Business

With our CTO as a Service, we can delivery expertises and skills in developing Digital Products & Business. 

We work collaboratively to create the best in class of digital products that meet the needs of our clients and their customers to grow fast.

Design Tech Solutions & Strategy

Even the best development team needs guidance. Software development is a complex process. It’s good to have someone with a broad perspective and in-depth knowledge of business and tech. 

With CTO as a service, this need doesn’t have to imply having a full-time internal CTO automatically.

Digital transformation

Well-established companies in the market that are looking to take advantage of Digital Transformation on their business’s to increase productivity and sustained growth.

For this needs we can use our expertise to analyse different solutions on the business perspective, reducing the risks and future problems by bad decisions. 

On Demand Consulting & Advisory

Regardless of the company’s size, it is beneficial to have a C-level executive as a mentor or advisor for your team or for individual projects.

An external CTO can provide consulting services without the added responsibility of daily management.With their experience, a CTO can provide valuable insights and perspectives, leading to better technical and architectural decisions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Web platforms architecture
  • Mobile Applications architecture
  • Blockchain & Web3
  • Design Tech Solutions
  • Define the best technologies
  • Build Skilled Tech Teams
  • Establish KPIs for project development
  • Cybersecurity & data risk assessment
  • Business needs assessment
  • Digital roadmap planning
Let's build togheter


Instant knowledge
From the very start, an external CTO can bring immense value to a company.
Flexible terms
We offer a few different models of engagement, and within those models, you can dynamically change the level of involvement anytime you need.
Cost efficiency
No hiring cost, no bonuses, no equities, no holidays or sick leaves paid. No long-term commitments. Only simple and plain pay-as-you-go contract.
Founders mentality
All our CTOs are founders, investors or advisors to many startups before, and they are very familiar with all the challenges of the startup journey.
Domain expertise
From healthcare to fintech, from insuretech to foodtech - we pick a CTO with the relevant domain expertise to maximise your odds of success.
Custom developments
Bring your ideas to life! We can develop any kind of platform or mobile app.
Executive level
Many startups can not afford an executive-level CTO to hire; nevertheless, they need to make solid strategic decisions right from the beginning.

We can work in 3 different models:

PART-TIME CTO as a Service

If you’re not ready or able to hire a permanent, full-time CTO, we can immediately provide the right person, for the right amount of time, for as long as you need – and no more


If you already have a tech cofounder who is very passionate but still would benefit from
complementary expertise in a specific domain or technology – we will find a perfect match

PROJECT CTO as a Service

This option works well for fixed scope projects where our CTO will take full responsibility for
managing a team or an outsourcing vendor to deliver on a pre-agreed project outcomes

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