Bitsapiens, global & digital natives.

Be one step ahead, by taking advantage of the digital with us!

Bitsapiens is a Web3 and Digital Business Strategies Agency that strategically provides bespoke services in the digital world – combining Consulting Services and a Studio to manage creations with digital platforms & applications development.

To focus on delivering specialized solutions that result in a real impact on business development for our customers, we apply a multicultural way of acting and thinking through which new concepts and ideas are born.

Creating innovative digital business strategies and business models for the future, using web3 products starts providing and delivering unique solutions tailored to each problem. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ business problems, targeting in solutions that help in all areas of the business creating and developing a personalized digital solutions.

Let's build together!

Web3 & Digital Business Innovation Agency.

Build an engaging and simple digital future for everyone.


Contribute to a better transition and exploration of the digital world



Break down barriers and find new ways


Provoke new ideas and thoughts


Elevate people through knowledge

Wherever you are, we're there!

Bitapiens is a Web3 and Digital Business Strategies Agency that have an OS (Operating System) created to be Global, Digital and Multicultural.

We work essentially remotely, but we use our physical presence in various locations around the world to develop our culture, help entrepreneurs and build relationships.

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